How To Best Interview A Web Designer


When you are interviewing a web designer, the question that you pick to ask have to be targeted to generate sufficient feedback. You need to find out as much as you can about the web designer you are interviewing to establish whether the person is the best fit to fill the slot available in your company. The questions have to come off as professional and not invasive of the personal life of the web designer. You want your interviewee feeling comfortable to get maximum feedback on questions asked.

Asking the web designer what project

Asking the web designer what project he is most proud of gives you a feel of what he is capable of. How the designer tackles this question will give you a clear picture of his expertise and the field that he has been previously working in. Armed with this information you are at a better place to judge the quality of work of the web designer and decide on whether he is the best fit for the task that you have in mind. By listening to how the designer describe his favorite project you can tell how passionate he is. You need a passionate and well driven employee to handle your web design projects.

How To Best Interview A Web Designer

Inquiring from the web designer how he reacts when a potential client turns down his work will help you gauge his temperament. You need a web designer that pays attention to customer feedback to effectively deliver on the desired product for maximum customer satisfaction. A web designer that takes personal offence to client feedback is a poor fit for your firm. Handling clients requires composure and a lot of courtesy, judging from his reply you can tell how he is likely to handle disputes with clients.

In the process of interviewing web designers you have to ask them what their preferred work style is. Knowing how they prefer working gives you an edge because you get to know who is a team player and comfortable working with other workers. The ideal employee works with other members of staff to ensure a smooth flow in communication that makes sure projects are delivered on time. As the interviewees answer the question on their preferred working styles you can cherry pick those that best work with other workers from the lone wolves that are more used to working alone with little or no support.

Another critical question that needs to be asked when dealing with an interview for a web designer is asking the first step the designer would take if assigned a new website for design. The goal of this question is to figure out whether the web designer takes his time doing proper and thorough research before embarking on a task. A diligent web designer will mention research as the first step before starting on a project. This query will help you find a web designer that does not compromise on the quality of work by rushing a project without doing proper research. How the web designer answers this shows his work ethics and is a reflection of how diligent a worker he is.