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Brandon is great at taking your business from nowhere to be found to the top of the search engines. He takes businesses to the next level. I would highly recommend him!  

Kamil Kowalkowski / SEOservicesUSA.co

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Brandon is a very experienced SEO expert. He has extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing. His in-depth knowledge and attention to detail is very applaudable. I would recommend him for projects.  

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I highly recommend Brandon for his SEO and digital marketing skills. He has a deep knowledge of the industry and what it takes to get a site to the top of Google. Do yourself a favor and work with him if you are looking to increase your rankings and presence on Google.  

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Brandon is an expert in search engine optimization and was able to increase organic traffic to my website exponentially. His attention to detail is outstanding and is very knowledgeable about digital marketing. I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with SEO or internet marketing.  

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We started Phase Shift Digital to help local businesses employ real, no-gimmicks, search optimization tactics to help organically grow their online presence.  Other SEO agencies will help you for a short time until their black hats strategies cause your site to tank.  We are invested in your long-term success.

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Need a Camas SEO Expert?

Camas, Washington is a wonderful place to live offering the best of both worlds. The Pacific Northwest location means there's plenty of nature to enjoy on the Washington-state side, and the city is still small enough to enjoy a charmed and quiet way of life. However, with the growth of several thousand residents since the last Census, there's economic expansion going on you can profit from. That's largely due to the Oregon-side of town, which is the bustling city of Portland.

Having the right Camas SEO expert in your corner can help you capitalize on the economic growth and opportunities afforded to you by both this growing individual town, as well as the larger Portland metropolitan economy. Search engine optimization means getting more traffic to your website, but not only that, it means getting traffic looking for your products and services and your website converting that traffic into revenue and profit.

If you're hunting for a Camas SEO expert, then use this checklist of 10 things to look for in the one that gets your business website either caught up to your competitors or to leapfrog past them.

1) Before and after results: Someone who has been in the industry a while is going to have a track record of success and the documentation to prove it in terms of where previous clients ranked for their keywords both before and following their SEO campaigns.

2) Local SEO skill: If your business involves any physical location open to the public, then you need someone that can make sure you show up for not only your niche keywords but localized variations of them. Also, you want to be featured obviously on various Internet maps and well-reviewed by others.

3) Regional SEO skill: Doing business in Camas means being open to not only consumers of the town, but also the greater Portland urban area, but also rural customers to the north and east. Your reach might even extend to places like Seattle and Idaho.

4) National SEO skill: If you have products and services that anyone across the country can buy, then you need national-level optimization to reach out to them.

5) International SEO skill: Offer things that can cross national borders? International search engine optimization might open up the market of Vancouver to you to the north!

6) Affordable services and flexible pricing: You might want more SEO services than you can afford, but you might also not want to put all that much into it. The right SEO professional in or around Camas is going to have a number of package levels or flexible pricing that can find a happy medium between getting search engine optimization done and keeping your spending realistic.

7) Free consultation: Much like a job interview, coffee or first date with a possible romantic interest, you want the chance to sit down with an SEO professional and find out if they are a good fit. You should never have to pay for this.

8) Ongoing analysis: A good SEO campaign is going to start with a robust analysis of niche keywords, search volumes, website rankings, and even competitors. However, an analysis needs to be ongoing to see if SEO efforts are working or not and also to figure out how to adjust to the inevitable algorithm changes search engines love making.

9) Reputable and authoritative sources for backlinks: Backlinks for SEO are still critical. It's no longer just a numbers game though, as you can't whip up thousands of links on disposable websites or article spamming. Now, it's a balance of both quality and quantity. You still want a good number of links, but you want them to come from high-caliber websites that are relevant to your niche or keywords. Such links don't just make your own website look popular, but also trustworthy, reputable, and even authoritative.

10) Someone who can fix things: You might not be in a position where you are thinking about starting a business in this area, but in fact already running one. Your previous SEO advisors might not be generating the results you want, and their work might have even wound up creating penalties you are suffering. The right SEO professional in Camas is going to know how to get such penalties removed, and he or she can also advise you on how to redesign or tweak an existing website for better SEO alignment.

If you are currently doing business in the area or will be soon, then you're going to need a Camas SEO expert to drive traffic to your website that you can convert into leads, clients, or revenue. Use this list of 10 things to look for in such a professional or agency to sift through the area options and find the right one for your needs, budget, and situation.

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